Many people find that buying a belt is difficult.  There aren’t exactly Amish leather craftsman on every corner, and belts that are built to last for decades can’t be found just anywhere.

That’s where we come in.  We are here to make belt buying easy, fun, & interesting.  We believe that each person is different, and that your belt should match you, not anyone else.

We don’t offer belts in S, M, & L – we offer belts in your specific size, with your specific measurements. We also believe in crafting your belt to last for decades – for your whole life, in fact – and therefore we guarantee them FOR LIFE.

Finding a belt that fits perfectly, that is hand made in the USA (Ohio, to be specific), and made to your specific dimensions has now become possible.  And easy…Very easy.  As you select the different options, the belt-builder will show you what your belt will look like, in real-time.

Ready to get started?

Here’s how our system works:

  1. Choose the width & style that you want.  The Wide Original Belt is more casual, and does a remarkable job, from the work site to the office.  The Narrow Original Belt is more at home in a pair of khakis or slacks.  The Cinch Belt uses a Conway style buckle, and brings a touch of class and style to your life (and loops).
  2. Choose your leather color.  Match your shoes, match your wallet, or match your personality – there’s something for everyone with the large varieties of colors offered.  Our leather is sourced from Wickett & Craig Tannery in Pennsylvania, who has been providing excellent quality leather since 1867 – before Edison applied for his first patent.  Most of our belts are crafted from English Bridle Leather, which is hot stuffed with oils & waxes, providing a buttery feel and a finished back.  We also offer natural leather, which takes on a distinct patina as it ages.
  3. Choose Creased or Plain design.  A hand-creased belt is a thing of beauty, and adds a touch of “handmade” that can’t be found in just any belt.
  4. Choose your hardware.  Stainless Steel or Brass, roller or slider buckle, whichever suits you most.
  5. Choose the number of holes.  Want maximum adjustment?  Go for 7 holes!  Want sleek & clean?  Choose 1 hole.  We believe that your belt is an extension of you, and you should be able to get it how you want it.
  6. Choose the shape of tip.  English Point, Round, or Tapered – 3 choices for maximum personalization.
  7. Choose your size.  Obviously, the most important aspect of a belt that is made to order, is the fit.  When following our measuring instructions to a “T”, you’ll find that your Simple Leather Belt fits perfectly from day zero, and looks great at the same time.  Note that we measure a little differently, in order to provide a perfect custom fit.
  8. Click order.  Done!  Well, not really – you still have to give us a bit of information.

It really is that simple.  See for yourself below.

Design your own belt. Start here:

The Original – $69

The Original Simple Leather Belt comes in 10-12 oz English Bridle Leather. It’s a real workhorse of a belt that could tow a car* then hold up your business slacks afterwards. We recommend this one for the gentleman who has work to do and appreciates having his pants and effects held up by a fine piece of solid cowhide.

Select a width to begin designing your belt:

The Original is available in two widths:

The Cinch – $69

The cleanest looking belt on the market, and it comes with both brass and stainless hardware. Made with 10-12 oz English Bridle Leather, it’s strong, but minimal; Well suited for the head of the boardroom table. We recommend the Cinch for the well-dressed urban gentleman, as well as for the lady leather aficionados.

Click below to begin designing your belt:

The Cinch belt is available in the 1.25″ width.

Gift Certificate

A belt is a great gift for many occasions. The challenge is always with deciding what the recipient would want, and getting the sizing right. Gift Certificates are a perfect way to fill that gap. Rest assured knowing your Fathers Day, Birthday, and Graduation gifts are taken care of.

*towing vehicles voids the lifetime warranty, so you should only do this in a pinch.