A Handmade Belt

Take a short journey through the workshop of our leatherworkers. We hope you’ll feel confident that you’re getting a great value for your money when you invest in a Simple Leather Belt.

Full Grain Leather
Its ridiculously strong.

After you order your belt, it is cut by hand from a solid piece of heavy North American steer hide. The leather craftsman avoids natural flaws in the leather’s surface and cuts the belt strap only from the strongest part of the hide.

Made to Order
The Way They Used To.

Each belt is carefully built according to the owner’s specifications. The shade of leather, the presence or absence of a crease, the number of holes. Each option is added to the leather, slowly shaping it into a beautiful, wearable work of art.

Very, very literally.

Each belt is made completely by hand. From the hand punched tip to the skiving around the buckle, not one ounce of electricity is used to build a belt.

Removable Buckle.

The belt buckles are held on by high quality Brass Chicago screws. These allow the new owner to remove the original buckle and add his own flair. So you have a collection of belt buckles at home? This is the belt for you.