Return Policy

If your belt does not fit you because we made it incorrectly, we’ll pay for shipping to return the belt and have a new one made and shipped at no cost to you. If your belt doesn’t fit because you measured it incorrectly or failed to follow instructions, you can ship the belt to us, along with $6 to cover return shipping, and we will cut new holes in the existing belt at no cost. If your belt breaks during your lifetime, we’ll cover shipping both ways to get you a brand new belt at no cost to you unless we determine that the belt failed due to excessive stress (e.g. using it to do more than hold up your pants, towing a car, etc.).

Please remember that these belts are handmade to order! When asking for a return for reasons other than those stated above, please remember that we are a 3-man operation, not a huge company that sells millions. If you want a flawless, department store belt, shop at a department store. If you want a proper belt that will hold up your pants and affects for the rest of your life, buy one now. A belt that is returned cannot be resold, and is basically a loss for us.

Privacy Policy

What kind of information do we collect?

1. The specifications you input into our belt builder.
2. Your name (so we can identify you internally).
3. Your email address (for if we need to contact you).
4. Your physical address (so we know where to ship the belt).

Like every online store, we also use analytics software to track page hits, geographic information, etc. Through that analytics software, wherein the information is stored by a third party supplier, we will have access only to non-identifying information such as your IP address, browser variant, OS variant, among other things.

That’s it. Since our transactions are handled by a third party, we never see your sensitive financial information.

Who do we share your information with?

1. Internal members of our team who are tasked with carrying out customer service requests such as returns and repairs.
2. Third party suppliers specifically involved in fulfilling orders.

How long do we keep your information?

In order to keep our promise of providing a lifetime guarantee for our belts, we will keep your name, email address, physical address and belt specifications in a permanent database. If you wish to be removed from that database, simply submit a request on our contact page and we’ll fulfill that request within 48 hours.

Sound good? Awesome. Now go buy a belt already!